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Choosing A Brand Name And Visual Style For An App Or Game

Choosing A Brand Name And Visual Style For An App Or Game

The name for a new product or service is usually chosen at the stage of developing a business idea and search of great developers ( The choice is based on the competitiveness, recognition, and personal preferences of the team. However, these factors are not enough for effective naming.

At the stage of choosing a brand name for a game or application, several important factors must be considered at once: how relevant the name will be when entering the global market, whether it will be easy to localize and translate into other languages, how much the brand name will help the developer in keyword promotion in the App Store and Google Play and attracting search traffic. In this case, it will be more difficult to come up with a name, but the time spent will definitely pay off, and the risk of problems will decrease. 

We have identified the top 10 naming rules to follow:

1. Choose a short name

In the App Store and Google Play, the app name is limited to 30 characters. Title or App Name have the highest indexing weight in SERPs, so you need to fit not only the Brand Name, but also the most important keywords into a limited number of characters. It is desirable that the length of the application name be no more than 10 characters. Then you will leave another 20 characters for the most important genre keywords.

2. Use keywords in the title

Create a semantic core, analyze traffic and competitors to find traffic keywords for the app name. This will allow the most efficient use of symbols for indexing. If a keyword or a phrase of several keywords is part of the brand name, you will get an advantage over competitors.

3. Separate words

Do not write the words in the Brand Name together, separate them with spaces. Then instead of one keyword you will get two or three at once.

4. Adapt the title to other languages

The same word in different languages can change its meaning. If you are planning to translate your Brand Name into other languages, make sure that the translation to the top markets does not take on a negative connotation and does not require too many characters.

5. Don’t use made-up words

Your brand is unknown to a wide range of people, so if you choose a fictitious word as a name, it will not bring traffic to the application. This rule is especially relevant for games and applications that are in a highly competitive niche and do not have a large brand promotion budget.

6. Stand out from your competitors

Choose a name that will allow you to stand out from competitors, do not copy well-known brands.

7. Do not use service parts of speech in the title

Prepositions, articles, and conjunctions are often indexed automatically, so try to reduce their number so as not to waste precious characters.

8. Don’t use special characters

Special characters make it difficult for the user to enter the name of the application, as they force them to switch between keyboard layouts. Like service parts of speech, special characters do not participate in indexing.

9. Consider brand structure

If several applications are released under the same brand at once, you should choose a relevant and up-to-date brand name for each niche topic.

10. Add personality

The brand name should reflect the main thing – individuality. Using overly generic words or expressions as a brand name will make it easy for competitors to copy your name.

Creation of visual images of the brand

Often, a brand book, logo and other visual elements are created in parallel with the initial stages of product development. As in the case of a brand name, the decision on the final form of visuals is made mostly subjectively.

However, the corporate identity of a product or service should be developed taking into account the competitive environment and the preferences of the audience. ASO will help you prepare the most effective and competitive visual offer.

First, you should study the visual style of competitors’ applications. You need to use visual optimization trends and at the same time create your own individual style, different from other niche players. Analysis of icons and screenshots will help you find ideas and the best solutions. If you want to know everything about applications development, here you can check more.