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Online Insurance Continuing Education: What It Is And 2 Vital Things 

Online Insurance Continuing Education: What It Is And 2 Vital Things 

Online insurance education is beneficial whether you wish to switch to a better job or advance your existing insurance employment. Online continuing education (CE) courses are affordable and available 24/7. So, you can conveniently acquire necessary CE credits while learning about new developments in the insurance industry and memorizing practical skills. The PNC online insurance education courses are thoughtfully designed to support your professional development and business growth. 

What Are The Most Popular Courses For Insurance Continuing Education 

Several PNC online insurance education courses include business insurance modules, group insurance modules, financial planning, business planning, segregated funds, etc. Amongst these are some popular online insurance education courses selected by many agents. 

Life Insurance Policy Types

The basic life insurance policies are contrasted in this course, including whole life, term, group, flexible, and so on. Candidates will also learn their features, advantages, and downsides.

Anti-Money Laundering 

Agents will learn about anti-money laundering and related duties in this training. Candidates will learn about numerous anti-money laundering regulations, procedures, and warning signs that could indicate money laundering.

Commercial Lines: Property, Auto, Liability

This course will teach candidates about various commercial insurance products’ features, coverages, and applicability. 


This course gives a general understanding of insurance industry ethics. It covers fiduciary field obligations, underwriting and policy distribution, agent mistakes and deletions, unfair business methods, claims procedures, client privacy, obedience vs ethics, etc.

Annuity Training

In this course, candidates will get the foundation for understanding the different kinds of annuities, their categories, and the involved parties. It also covers the revenue surcharge of authorized and non-qualified subsidies, their direct uses, reasonable sales strategies, etc.

Retirement Planning

This course lays the groundwork for practical retirement planning, including assisting customers in establishing financial objectives, considering numerous sources of earnings, setting up a budget, and developing personal retirement strategies.

Long Term Care Certification Training

To become qualified to sell personal LTC and partnership plans, agents in regions with long-term care training requirements should finish eight hours of introductory activity on long-term care coverage, which is provided in this course. 

What To Know About Insurance CE Requirements 

To keep their licenses, licensed insurance agents in Canada should finish qualified courses and training every year. The agents’ required amount of continuing education hours (credits) differs by jurisdiction and professional category. Many designations exist, such as CAIB, CIB, CRM, CIP, FCIP, etc. 

Here Are The Different Provincial CE Requirement Details:


The yearly CE credit requirement is 15 hours. A total of 7.5 hours is permitted for carryover from one certificate term to the next. CE certificate term is between July 1 and June 30.

British Columbia 

If your license was granted between March 1 and May 31, you must earn the credits required for two years of continuing education before renewing. No credit can be carried forward. CE certificate term is between June 1 and May 31.


For each two-year license duration, 30 hours of CE are mandated. Agents have up to 2 months before their license expires to seek a renewal. CE certificate term is between October 1 and September 30. 


The annual credit requirement for continuing education is 15 hours. This province permits some credit carryover to the following term. CE certificate term is between June 1 and May 31.


The continuing education credit requirement is 15 hours per year. It is not possible to bring your credit to the following term. Agent licenses will expire 12 months after the issuance date.

Bottom Line 

The insurance councils of the provinces set the standards for insurance CE licenses, and candidates should propose their course schedules yearly. The insurance council must approve all continuing education plans in the province where you will obtain the license.