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9 Ways to Make Your Business Travels Run More Smoothly

9 Ways to Make Your Business Travels Run More Smoothly

Here we will go over nine ways to make your business travels run more smoothly.

Without the use of the proper tools and knowledge, corporate travel can be stressful and chaotic. For the sake of your trip’s success, you want to take every measure possible to ensure the travels go smoothly.

Luckily, with travel apps, agents, policies, and more, you can plan and initiate a seemingly flawless and stress-free experience.

Let’s jump right in.

Book Outside of Town

Corporate travel generally occurs in large cities like Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, and New York City.

Finding an affordable place to stay in a populous, industrial city can be near impossible, and traveling the streets can be even worse. To make booking more manageable and to avoid crowds and dense traffic, lodge outside of town and only go into the city when necessary.

Take Advantage of Apps

Your cell phone and computer are some of the most valuable tools you can use when traveling because tons of apps are dedicated to making your trip go smoothly.

Some examples include:

  • TripIt- used for itinerary planning
  • iTranslate- used for language translation
  • Uber- used for transportation
  • Mint- used for budgeting

If you need any help while traveling, browse your app store, and you might just find an easy solution.

Use a Travel Agent

Travel agents are great because they are typically free, do all the leg work of planning, and find you discounts.

However, the best part of using a travel agent is their role in ensuring everything goes smoothly every step of the way.

If you run into an issue like having a flight, hotel, or reservation canceled, you can call your agent, and they will handle it. Travel agents can also help you find a tour guide, event tickets, and even a local grocery store.

Follow a Travel Policy

Whether you are the owner of the company or an hourly employee, following a travel policy is necessary for ensuring your trip goes well.

Travel policies outline many things, such as how much you can spend, what expenses are reimbursable, where you can lodge, how to stay safe, and more. If you use the travel policy as a guide, as intended, decisions will be easier, and the trip will go smoother.

Purchase Travel Insurance

Business travel is an industry that is growing rapidly, and throughout this growth, many reputable insurance agencies have decided to add travel to their list of coverages.

Travel insurance is worth every penny because it reimburses expenses lost from cancellations, illness, injury, lost or stolen property, and more from the moment you purchase the policy. Additionally, travel insurance offers peace of mind which is priceless.

Create a Filing System

Every step of travel, from planning to returning home, comes with a mountain of paperwork. Some documents might include receipts, travel policies, and meeting notes. If you want your trip to go smoothly, having a filing system for these documents will help.

Your filing system could be anything from labeled emails and digital folders to physical binders as long as you have a place to store important information in an organized manner.

Track Expenses

The money element of corporate travel can get tricky. You must know precisely what is in your budget, what is covered by your employer, and what expenses are out of pocket.

If you know your budget intimately and track your expenses diligently, the stress of losing money and missing out on claimable expenditures is eliminated. Remember to save all receipts and confirmation numbers, label them appropriately and report them to be written off on taxes.

Use Credit Cards

Since nearly every aspect of your trip will require a purchase, you will be pulling out your wallet constantly. Frequent spending can be dangerous because it exposes your money and information to thieves.

While away, limit the use of cash because it can be easily stolen or lost, and use credit cards instead of debit. Credit card companies have security precautions to protect you if a card is lost or stolen.

Many thieves use a card skimmer device to steal your personal information and process fraudulent transactions. If you fall victim to this scam, your credit card company will place a hold on your account and work with you to reimburse the money; this is a luxury that many debit cards don’t provide.

Use an Itinerary

Creating and utilizing an itinerary is one of the best ways to ensure your business trip goes smoothly.

Itineraries allow you to maximize and manage your time while never worrying about forgetting an important event. Most travel managers will create an itinerary that includes check-in times, meetings, dinner, and other business activities.

If you follow your itinerary, you can find leisure time while still making your boss happy.