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Plastic Coupons

How Can Plastic Coupons Be Used?

Many people use coupons to save money when they are shopping. However, many of them do not go about it the right way and waste a lot of time for nothing. Here are some tips on how you can use them:

Research Different Stores That Accept Coupons

If you know of certain stores that accept plastic coupons, then take the time to check their coupon policies online. Most stores have that option available on their official website, or in-store Stores change what they will and will not accept, so it is important to be sure before shopping. If the store only accepts printed paper coupons or does not accept any coupons, go elsewhere and spend your money elsewhere instead.

Reuse Old When Possible

Many people enjoy using a plastic coupon because it can be used multiple times. There is a good chance that the coupon will end up in your free-item envelope to use again after making your purchase. If it has been cut or torn already and doesn’t look like it will work anymore, don’t throw away those pieces! Try to tape them together and keep them until the next time you buy something at that store so you can reuse it and save money and resources.

Check Expiration Dates

You must check each coupon’s expiration date before using one. Some expire within two weeks, while others may only expire after six months. If there is no expiration date listed on the barcode itself, you should write down that number or letter and keep it stored in your coupon box to check against it before shopping. It is also good to cross-check the expiration date on the barcode with the expiration date on your store receipt because sometimes coupons are accepted but do not get tracked.

When you are trying to save money, coupons are your best friend. Although some people like snipping out paper coupons and stockpiling them until they expire, others prefer the speed of using plastic coupons instead.

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