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How a Supplement Contract Manufacturer Can Help You Reach Your Health Goals

How a Supplement Contract Manufacturer Can Help You Reach Your Health Goals

Leaders in the dietary supplement industry are facing the elephant in the room. Inflation is a reality, impacting everyone, including contract manufacturers.

Quality supplement manufacturers can help you develop nutritious and delicious supplements like gummies, tablets, or powders. Additionally, they can assist in ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Product Development

The development of a new nutritional supplement product is a complex journey. It requires the expertise of a full-service contract manufacturer who can accompany you from the conception of your idea to labeling and all the steps in between.

A contract manufacturer can help with research, ingredient sourcing, product formulation, manufacturing, analytical lab testing, quality control and compliance, and certifications. In addition, many contract manufacturers offer one-stop shopping for all your supplement manufacturing needs.

For example, a supplement contract manufacturer can also handle product warehousing and order fulfillment, so you don’t have to worry about inventory storage or shipping your supplements to customers. Moreover, some contract manufacturers can provide packaging solutions like bottles and jars and practical pick-pack packaging like stick packs.


Product formulation is arguably the most important part of any dietary supplement. While a contract manufacturer may offer some suggestions regarding an ingredient list, it is ultimately the client’s responsibility to provide their manufacturer with a completed and finalized formula before production begins.

Many reputable custom supplement manufacturers offer various options for dosage formats and packaging types and additional services like inventory storage and order fulfillment. If you plan to sell on Amazon, ensure your manufacturer can also handle this distribution aspect.

Full-service dietary supplement manufacturers should also be current on the latest scientific and regulatory developments. In the long run, cutting corners here can lead to quality issues and regulatory headaches.


Supplement brands rely on their contract manufacturer for product development and production. This allows them to focus all their entrepreneurial energy on marketing and promoting their products.

Contract manufacturers are responsible for various services, including setting comprehensive supplement project specifications that consider every aspect of the product’s journey. They also conduct optional and mandatory testing for quality assurance and safety purposes.

They’ll also work with brand owners to create a design that will differentiate their products in the market, reinforce a proven brand identity or help them establish an entirely new one. Additionally, they’ll be able to offer a full range of packaging capabilities — from capsules and sticks to powdered and liquid products in bottles.


The supplement brand’s responsible for providing its contract manufacturer with a completed and finalized product formulation before the start of each production run. The brand must also provide a list of approved ingredients for the formula and any optional and mandatory test requests.

Defining these specifications early on allows the parties to create timelines and set expectations that can be referenced later as questions arise. For example, specifying that a particular allergen will be tested is a common request distinguishing between successful and unsuccessful product launches.

In addition to facility and product certifications, look for a contract manufacturer that can offer a variety of additional value-add services such as allergen testing, nutritional labeling, and more. This one-stop shopping approach can shorten lead times and simplify processes for the brand.

Quality Control

Having high-quality supplements with eye-catching packaging can help you attract and retain customers. A supplement contract manufacturer can provide you with expert guidance and a team of quality control specialists to ensure the quality of your finished product meets the highest standards.

They will assist you with the formulation process (including bringing an existing formula to the table), finding innovative raw materials, and guiding you through manufacturing. They can also run various add-on tests, including allergen testing, to ensure your products are safe for people with allergies to dairy, gluten, shellfish, and peanuts.

Finally, some supplement contract manufacturers offer inventory storage and order fulfillment services, allowing you to focus on marketing your products instead of the logistics of keeping them in stock.