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How to Travel with Your Dog Stress-Free

How to Travel with Your Dog Stress-Free

When you have a pet, you end up with an additional family member, so it’s only natural that you seek to include them in all your plans. Travelling with a furry companion can be complicated at times because you want to ensure that both you and your pet have the most stress-free experience possible. Before you agree to a day-long road trip or jump onto a train, or even a plane, here are some of our best tips that guarantee an easy journey for your dog.

CBD Gummies

If your dogs are prone to nervousness, CBD oils and gummies could work wonders as a travel essential. Don’t worry you won’t be getting your pet high, as CBD has no psychoactive cannabinoids whatsoever. Instead, your dog will simply feel more relaxed during the journey. Remember to speak to a professional to administer a healthy dosage.

Vet Prescription

The best pet insurance companies will have you covered when it comes to your pet’s wellbeing. Some can even help medical expenses in relation to travelling with your pet. Veterinarians can prescribe your pet with medication to tranquilise them and calm them down during long journeys. Some of the medicine prescribed by vets includes trazodone, gabapentin, and even alprazolam.

Test Drives

If you’ve recently welcomed a furry friend into your life, you may have no idea how they act in confined spaces for prolonged periods of time. Before you commit to a long holiday with your pet, make sure to take a few test drives and see how they react. This way you can gauge what you’ll need to prepare before you set off.

Find Pet-Friendly Hotels

If you want to plan a stress-free holiday, we recommend that you search for hotels that are pet-friendly before setting off on the road. There’s nothing worse than having to bounce from one reception desk to another until you finally find a room that’s available. Save yourself some trouble by looking up which are the best dog-friendly hotels on your route. Trust us, both you and your pooch will appreciate it.

Pack a Doggy Emergency Bag

Most of us think of our dogs as our children, so packing a doggy emergency bag is a must whilst travelling. We suggest including some wet wipes for their paws, any travel medication such as CBD gummies, a travel bowl for food and water, as well as a few treats and a toy to keep them entertained.

At the end of the day, it’s important to recognise when your dog is no longer fit to travel, especially on long haul flights. Plane travel can be extremely draining on certain pets, regardless of age or breed, especially when dogs are separated from their owners and placed in the luggage hold. Your dog may bark, become restless, and seek your physical attention which could cause added stress. If your dog seems unequipped to handle these kinds of long journeys, it may be better for the whole family if they stay at home.

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