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construction accidents

What are the most common reasons for scaffolding, and construction accidents?

Scaffolding accidents are common on construction worksites. One of the biggest reasons behind these occurrences is that construction companies neglect to maintain their equipment properly because they find the upkeep unnecessary or too expensive. Regardless of the inconveniences, it may cost the company, there are stringent laws on maintaining the safety of scaffolding equipment, as outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Scaffolds are common on construction sites as they allow workers to reach high-up locations to perform tasks like electrical work and carpentry. Employers who fail to follow these requirements place themselves and their employees at risk of scaffolding accidents. They also put themselves in a position to be held liable for the consequences of these accidents.

If scaffolding safety guidelines are upheld, scaffolds can be helpful tools on construction sites. However, this is certainly not always the case and can result in permanent injury or death. Continue reading below to stay informed about the most common reasons for scaffolding-related construction accidents and how scaffolding accident attorneys can help.

Common Reasons For Scaffolding Construction Accidents

Scaffolding Accident Attorneys will inform their clients of the common conditions that can lead to scaffolding accidents and what can happen when these safety precautions are not upheld. Scaffolding Accident Attorneys know that when employers fail to uphold the safety laws that protect workers from injury, devastating consequences can occur. Here are some of the top reasons that scaffolding accidents can occur:

  • the construction and installation are incorrect.
  • the work equipment is broken.
  • safety measures for falls are inefficient.
  • safety equipment features are not present or are lacking.
  • required supervision or maintenance is not upheld.

How Scaffolding Accident Attorneys Can Help

Although these worksite injuries are common, there are many actions that workers can take to protect themselves if an accident occurs. It is a general misunderstanding that legal action cannot be taken against employers for their negligence if they are currently obtaining workers’ comp benefits from the employer’s insurer.

Laws And Regulations That Protect Injured Workers

  • The Scaffold Safety Law gives workers the right to file at the expense of their employer or related person if they are injured in a scaffolding accident.
  • If someone is killed in a scaffolding accident, a lawsuit may also be filed against the employer.
  • Ensure you know you can hold third-party players responsible for your injury if applicable. For example, if you were injured by the negligence of a subcontractor, property, owner, etc. (someone that was not your direct employer), you can still sue them, as a workers’ comp claim only protects employers against getting sued.

By working with Scaffolding Accident Attorneys you trust, you can have your case investigated carefully to ensure you are compensated thoroughly.

Legally address your scaffolding injury with a trusted attorney.

If you are injured in a scaffolding-related accident at work, you can settle your case and receive compensation for the damages endured. Reach out to a trusted team of Scaffolding Accident Attorneys near you and start building your case.