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Caster Wheels

4 Types of Caster Wheels

Do you want to use caster wheels for something? You should consider a few different types, from medical to theatre, and more.

1. Medical Caster Wheels

Medical caster wheels are essential for transporting heavy medical equipment. You may not always have help to move something into a room. And sometimes, not being able to transport equipment can cost a patient their life.

These are some of the most important industrial steel caster wheels. Be sure to stock up so that you have the wheels you need to get vital gear to a patient when they need it.

2. Furniture Caster Wheels

You can use furniture caster wheels to make it easy to move furniture around your showroom. Of course, you can have employees pick up the furniture and move it. But if you ever need to move something by yourself, you’ll want wheels.

Then, you may be able to reduce your risk of experiencing back pain. And you can save your employees from having back pain if they have to move furniture. The wheels may seem unnecessary, but you never know when they’ll come in handy.

3. Theatre Caster Wheels

Theatre troops can also benefit from having theatre caster wheels. You can use the wheels to move sets around, including backdrops, tables, or bars. This can make the process of set changing easier on your crew, and you can save time between scenes.

Then, you can keep your audience from getting bored when the curtain is down. You can even get a dolly with caster wheels to transport items to and from storage after a show ends. That way, you won’t need to break your back carrying heavy items.

4. Hotel Caster Wheels

Hotels are another place where employees have to move heavy loads. For example, you may need to transport a big load of sheets to and from the laundry room. You could carry the loads by hand, but that can waste a lot of time that you could spend cleaning guest rooms.

Luckily, you can get some good caster wheels that can support huge loads of sheets and other supplies. Then, you’ll be able to roll the load to the elevator and take it to laundry. When you have clean sheets, you can easily roll them to wherever you put clean sheets.

Whether you work in a furniture store or hospital, you may need caster wheels. Be sure to consider the different types to choose the right wheels for you.

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