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Research Diets

Research Diets

Research Diets manufactures custom purified diets for research in lab animals. The company has been a pioneer of high-fat diets for use in research. Its DIO line is the gold standard in obesity research, with more than 30,000 custom formulations produced to date. Today, the company has 60 employees, including nutrition and food science professionals.

Researchers use animal models to test hypotheses about the effects of environmental factors on human health. By using specific diets, researchers can intentionally induce phenotypes in laboratory animals. For example, in the field of immunology, changing the composition of diet can alter an animal’s immune phenotype. For this reason, it’s vital for immunologists to understand the differences between grain-based chows and diets based on purified ingredients.

Researchers can formulate virtually any type of lab animal diet. PMI Nutrition’s TestDiet(r) division can duplicate any purified diet. They have more than a century of experience and a comprehensive team of animal nutrition experts. They also maintain a state-of-the-art production facility. In contrast to other companies, Zeigler’s custom diets are not autoclaved or irradiated, limiting the risk of contamination.

The company’s Custom OpenSource Diets are an ideal choice for researchers seeking the most effective purified-ingredient diets for lab animals. These diets are completely customizable and provide complete control over diet composition and nutrient composition. As a result, researchers can easily modify and repeat their experiments to test different changes in nutrient composition.