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Cheyenne Wheat Swamp People

Who Is Cheyenne Wheat?

Among the many cast members on History Channel’s Swamp People, there is one whose name is being talked about a lot: Pickle Wheat. Pickle Wheat is a new alligator hunter on the show, and viewers are intrigued to find out more about her. She’s not only a professional alligator hunter, but she’s also a new face on the show.

Pickle Wheat has been working with her father on gator hunting trips since she was a child. Her grandfather was a gator hunter in St. Bernard Parish. She was raised in Louisiana, and she has always been surrounded by alligator hunters. She was even involved in an attack on a gator that attacked locals. But it’s unclear whether she’ll be a part of the next season.

Despite her success with Swamp People, Pickle Wheat is still single. She prefers to keep her personal life out of the media. However, she has been spotted with Chase Landry, a fellow Swamp People cast member. They met on the show, and things started to get serious. They posted multiple pictures of themselves on their Facebook page. While some fans have wondered if they’re related, they say they’re not.

Chase and Pickle are also both from southern Louisiana. They share a love for the wild and the animals that live there. They have also developed a relationship over hunting. As a result, they often go to the swamp together, and they have a close bond. In fact, they often dress up in camouflage gear when hunting. However, they aren’t big fans of alligator meat. Luckily, the swamps have been dwindling in prices recently, so they can make a good living by killing alligators.

Cheyenne “Pickle” Wheat was born in Pierre Part, Louisiana, on September 21, 1995. She is a white American national. She was born into a hunting family and she has a Virgo zodiac sign. She started hunting alligators when she could walk, and she has been hunting alligators professionally ever since. She also works with her family’s company that makes custom wheat calls, as well as duck and turkey calls.

Although she’s been part of Swamp People since season 12, Pickle Wheat is not married. She has no children of her own, and she has not had any affairs. She’s also not related to Troy Landry, who has sparked speculation about his relationship with her. She and Troy are close because they’re both close with Chase.

Pickle Wheat’s Instagram account shows her expertise with a bow and her ability to hunt alligators. She has over 1,330 followers. She has also posted pictures with her dog and snakes. She is a Christian. Pickle Wheat and Chase Landry are dating. They made things official on their Facebook page on October 25, 2020. They have a lot of things in common, and they are an “it” couple.

Although there aren’t any official details about Pickle’s net worth, there are reports that she has a net worth of $250,000. However, she’s not willing to reveal her net worth publicly. She is mainly known for her role on Swamp People, so her net worth is probably based on her work on the show.