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Peoples Bank Hillsboro Ohio

Peoples Bank – Hillsboro Ohio Branch

Peoples Bank has been in the banking business for over 120 years. In the past, the bank has had its hand in some snazzy places like the Great Lakes region and the Midwest. It has since expanded its footprint to include Maryland and West Virginia. The company’s 113 full-service branches straddle the Mason-Dixon line.

There are a few things to note about the bank’s Hillsboro branch. For starters, it is not open on Sundays. To the uninitiated, the most convenient time to visit is Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm. While on the subject of hours of operation, the only time the bank is closed is for holidays. On the upside, the branch is a nice place to do business.

The most important aspect of the Hillsboro branch is its location. To get to the branch from downtown Hillsboro, simply hop on the SR 84 west. The branch is located at 101 Harry Sauner Road. If you have questions about the best time to drop by, ask a local.

The bank is also known for its online banking and ATM services. Aside from their impressive list of services, the onsite staff is helpful and friendly. You can call or visit the Hillsboro branch to see what they have to offer. Using their online portal, you can also take a free tour of their Hillsboro office. Whether you are looking for a loan, a checking account, or you want to make a deposit, the staff is more than happy to assist you. As the oldest bank in the state, they understand that a new customer is always a welcome addition. So if you are in the market for a new home or auto loan, or you just need some cash to cover your expenses, make a stop at the nearest First State Bank – Ohio.