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World of Warcraft AP Miss Fortune Guide

AP Miss Fortune is a great support hero in the game. However, there are a few things you should consider when playing this champion. First, you should make sure that you don’t use a Void Staff because of its AP scaling. Also, you should consider the right boots for the build, such as SORCERER’S SHOES, which will give you the best penetration for the first half of the game.

If you are playing Miss Fortune, you will want to maximize her two starting abilities, Strut and Make it Rain. Strut is a great way to kite enemies, and Make it Rain is a great way to deal DPS in a specific area. This should not be spammed in the early levels as it slows down the enemy. Finally, you should make use of Bullet Time, which requires you to remain still for 3 seconds and deal 75% AD or 20% AP damage to enemies.

AP Miss Fortune is also best equipped with the Ultimate Hunter, a rune that decreases the cooldown of her ultimate ability. This is important because Miss Fortune’s ultimate is the only ability that scales with the use of ability power items. Having the ultimate off-cooldown is important when teamfighting.

Miss Fortune is a versatile character with strong early-game playstyle. She can be used both as a Mage and a Marksman. It all depends on how your team plays together. Miss Fortune thrives when you are aggressive in the early games, and you can snowball to the mid- or late-game with Miss Fortune.

Miss Fortune can also be used in support role. It can be used to do more damage to enemies, especially if they are short-ranged. Enemies that are tied or slowed by her Burning effect will be doubled. Tear of Goddess can be used to support her and increase her damage output. You can also make use of her passive and Bullet Time, which can help you deal damage to multiple targets.

To increase Luden’s damage output, you can also equip Luden’s Echo. This item can reduce her cooldown to 20% and deal a lot of damage and mana to enemies. It can also help you harvest souls from all affected enemies. Sorcerer’s Shoes make a great addition to your AP Miss Fortune gear. It increases movement speed and magic penetration.