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Black Travel Dress

What to Look For in a Black Travel Dress

Traveling is made easier with dresses. Not only do they take up minimal space in a suitcase, but they resist wrinkles and require little upkeep – not to mention being super comfortable! Dresses make for great options on busy summer days while away at your destination!

But the ideal travel dress is more than just fabric — it must also fit well. You’ll want it to look polished from the moment you open your suitcase until the moment you board the plane.

The ideal little black travel dress is stylish enough to stand out in a style-conscious world fashion capital like Paris or Tokyo but offers enough coverage for more culturally conservative destinations. Plus, it’s made with fabrics that wash well and don’t wrinkle easily.

When it comes to travel attire, there are plenty of great dress options. Some are ideal for business trips while others could equally fit a night out on the town with friends!

One of the best travel-friendly black dresses is a wrap dress. Not only do these look sophisticated enough for special occasions, but they can be worn everywhere from beaches and cruises to gyms and restaurants. Leota’s knee-length faux wrap dress is made with no-wrinkle fabric with reliable coverage in one spot while its skirt drape is forgiving yet not frumpy. Plus, its removable belt allows you to mix-and-match different looks on one trip if necessary.

Another great choice is this reversible dress from Kathmandu. With its reversible pattern and breathable travel-friendly fabric, you can switch it up for different looks every day.

When shopping for the ideal little black dress to accompany you on your next adventure, here are a few things to take into account:

Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric

You’ll want a travel dress that won’t wrinkle while you’re on the go, so check the fabric before purchasing it. Some wrinkle-resistant materials include polyester and cotton blends, while others use regenerated cellulose fibers like Tencel to provide smoothness to the surface and wick away moisture.

Fabric of choice for this dress is a lightweight cotton or polyester blend that dries quickly. Since these materials tend to crease less than other woven types, you’ll get your clothes looking neat right out of your suitcase.

When planning a dress for travel, it’s wise to select one that can be machine-washable and easily cleaned when you arrive at your destination. Doing so will save time and effort when trying to wash after an extended flight.

This travel-friendly, long sleeve bandage dress is an Amazon bestseller for its flirty aesthetic and flattering fit on any body type. Featuring a wraparound tie middle that lends the hourglass silhouette of an A-line dress, you can wear it as-is or pair with jeans for casual elegance.