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Rae Dunn Travel Mug

How to Find a Rae Dunn Travel Mug

Rae Dunn pottery is impossible not to love. Hailing from San Francisco, her minimalistic mugs and containers draw their inspiration from Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi (embracing imperfection with grace), known for its celebration of imperfection. Rae is also well known for using her signature font which adds personalization and beauty in every piece. You can find Rae’s ceramics exclusively in retail stores operated by TJX Companies such as T.J. Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods but due to her incredible popularity her works often sell out quickly!

Dunn first encountered clay 23 years ago after having never taken pottery classes before. But she learned quickly, and within six months had her first exhibit as a ceramist. Since then, her career as a ceramist has only continued to flourish.

Since 2016, her work has garnered an enthusiastic following, with people standing in line to secure her latest pieces before others can scoop them up at full retail price. Some even “flip” it and sell it back onto sites like Poshmark or Mercari for profit; yet for true followers, discovering a piece can be half the fun.

If you want to join the Rae Dunn fan club, there are a few important tips and tricks you should keep in mind. First of all, be one of the first shoppers at each store when it opens so you can grab all of the best selections quickly – especially holiday collections!

Stores will often have designated areas for Rae Dunn merchandise, but you should still thoroughly explore all areas of the store – clearance section, near registers, pet items section, backroom and shelves alike – in case an employee or customer tucked anything out of sight – the more you shop the greater your chances of discovering something special!

Rae Dunn items can also be found online at Amazon and eBay; however, be wary when purchasing from third-party sellers as it can often overprice their inventory, making refunds and exchanges harder than necessary in the case of something going wrong with it.

As a last tip, it’s essential to keep in mind that although it’s tempting to acquire everything under the sun, focusing on building your collection gradually will ultimately bring more satisfaction than trying to complete an overwhelming array of items at once. Plus, making something your own might be easier.