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Fisher-price Little People Advent Calendar

Fisher-Price Little People Advent Calendar

If you’re in the market for a holiday gift for the young ones, a Fisher-Price Little People Christmas bauble is a no-brainer. Not only does the box boast one of the most popular and adorable characters in toy history, it also has a tricycle with a matching reindeer, a stocking, and a star. As for the actual gift, you’ll have to make a special trip to your local store to get this kooky, but not-so-kooky item.

The Little People Christmas bauble isn’t a cheap piece of plastic that you’ll want to keep on the mantle, but it’s certainly worth the investment. On top of the spruced up version of the squeaky old toy, you’ll also get a festive living room scene. A quick check with your cashier will confirm the price, though, and you’ll have a lot to unwrap for your hard-earned yuletide cash.

Besides the nifty little Christmas bauble that you can count on for the holidays, you’ll find a host of other holiday themed play pieces, including an ornamental tree, a snowman and a plethora of little people to boot. You might also find an elf or two, a dog bed, a tree skirt, and a nifty little gift box that looks like something you’d find in a child’s bedroom. With this little bundle of joy, you’ll be able to see the kids smile for hours. Whether they’re in the mood for a rousing round of Monopoly or a spirited game of checkers, your kiddos will be oh-so happy.