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The Act Of Becoming Aware Through The Senses

Perception is the act of becoming aware of an object or situation through the senses. The body experiences a series of short-term changes during stressful events. The heart rate rises, perspiration increases, breathing speeds increase, and adrenaline is released. These are the body’s first reaction to stressors or alarms. This is the body’s first response to stressors or alarms. It’s like a goalkeeper saving the game.

While Locke was not precise about what constitutes sensory ideas, he did define them as objects of perception and sense data. As such, sensory ideas are not concepts, but rather nonconceptual intentional content. A person is aware of events and things through their senses. Although this definition is not conclusive, it does show that awareness through the senses has more power than perception and thought.

Classical Notion views of perception emphasize the distinction between perception and sensation. The first is the sensory core passively received, which is followed by another perceptual act. The latter may consist of inference, association, or judgment. In the first half century, philosophers primarily focused on the relationship between the mind and sense data. Later, however, Classical Notion philosophies began shifting their focus from perception to the mind.