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Wand Of Fortune

Review of the Video Game Wand of Fortune

Wand of Fortune, a Japanese visual novel, is being translated into English. It is available on the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, as well as Play Station Vita. Fandiscs are also available for the game and it is one of Otomate’s Long-Runners. It is also available in the Story Jar format. This version condenses the story into just a few chapters, but it loses some of its larger plot.

The story of Wand of Fortune takes place in Latium, a medieval fantasy city. It features Lulu, an aspiring magician. The game focuses on her studies at the Mirus Clare School of Magic, where she meets various other students with varying attributes. Other notable students are Lagi El Nagil, Alvaro Garay, Est Rinaudo, and Mirai e no Prologue.