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Peoples Bank Celina Ohio

Peoples Bank in Celina, Ohio

The Peoples Bank in Celina, OH has a lot to offer its customers. There are a few branches in the area including the East Wayne Street branch. Located at 818 East Wayne Street, the branch has full service offices, an online banking portal, and a full-service ATM on site. In addition to the usual suspects, the bank also has several mortgage lending options, most notably the aforementioned loan in question.

For more information on the bank or to schedule a tour of their premises, call them today. Their employees are friendly, professional, and more than willing to assist you. Whether you are looking for the best interest rate on a loan, or you need assistance opening a new checking account, the people of The Peoples Bank in Celina, ohio are more than happy to help. They are proud members of the Better Business Bureau and are an Equal Housing Lender. Besides, they have a slew of mortgages and loans to suit your budget and your needs. Likewise, they are an FDIC insured institution.

One of the many benefits of being a member of the Peoples Bank is the opportunity to participate in their loan and savings programs. Among the best features of their loan programs is the ability to choose from a variety of loan sizes, with no minimum down payment. If you are in the market for a home loan, The Peoples Bank in Celina, Ohio has a program that is right for you.