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Traveler’s Sword Botw Quest

Traveler’s Sword in Legend of Zelda: BotW

If you have been playing Legend of Zelda: BotW, chances are that you have come across the Traveler’s Sword; an early game sword available to Link that features an attack power of 5 and can be upgraded through Attack Up weapon bonuses. It can be found at several different locations.

First is the waterfall northwest of Hateno Village. At its base near a small wooden bridge is where you will find a Traveler’s Sword hidden within its waters – bring this sword back to Nebb and he will give you one Red Rupee in exchange!

Travelers frequently rely on this weapon to ward off small beasts. While relatively durable and reliable against monsters, its reliability against others may vary considerably. Achieve it by tossing rusty broadswords at Rock Octoroks; sometimes this may even yield Soldier, Knight or Royal weapons and shields as a bonus! You can also purchase it at the Gerudo shop in Gerudo Town for 20 Rupees.

If you want a sword like Vai’s, visit Keeha Yoog Shrine located on the northern slope of Gerudo Summit. A guy wearing Vai attire will run outside town; stop him while wearing it and you can obtain it.

Another way of acquiring the Traveler’s Sword is by visiting Kakariko Village in its eastern half. Here, a tall waterfall lies close to a small rocky bridge at its base; here lies your Traveler’s Sword! You can then return it to Nebb who will reward you with a Red Rupee as payment for its return. Finaly, you can acquire it by visiting the northeastern Hyrule ruins near the entrance to the Great Plateau. There you will encounter Bokoblins who guard treasure chests containing The Traveler’s Sword in one of these locations. Alternately, another way of acquiring Traveler’s Swords is to throw Rusty Broadswords at Rock Octoroks and hope they drop one for you – this method may or may not work, but is usually reliable. This same method can also be applied to obtain the Ceremonial Trident worn by Mipha’s champions 100 years ago and needed for Ceremonial Song Shrine quests. Though its regular use causes damage, it can be repaired at its native town by an NPC who may offer repairs services there. Deku Stick repairs can also be found at Hateno Village’s NPCs, similar to this article on which it was written originally by TSLB’s team of writers and edited by its wiki community. If you would like to contribute, create an account and join our community – then edit, add new content, or simply improve it as part of this article! We truly appreciate all your support; with more contributors we will make this article much more useful for everyone! Thank you again – and look forward to having you.