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Ryan Garcia Vs Antonio Fortuna – A Look at the Matchups

There are a few interesting matchups in the upcoming fight between Ryan Garcia & Fortuna. For starters, Fortuna is 32 years old and is a power puncher. His ability to slip and counter makes him a dangerous opponent for Garcia. He is also a solid junior lightweight, and he is coming off of a first-round knockout of Rafael Hernandez. Fortuna is expected as the underdog, but it is possible for both men win.

This fight will bring in a staggering $2 million in prize money. It will likely feature the best boxing talent around. The fight would make a spectacular commercial event. It must first clear some hurdles. Garcia must knock out Fortuna, Luke Campbell.

Fortuna is a two-time world champion. To challenge Garcia, he has increased from 126 to 135 pounds. Fortuna was originally scheduled to fight Garcia last year, but had to pull out because of mental issues and a hand injury. The Mexican fighter did, however, win a fight against Emmanuel Tagoe in April, and will be a far more difficult opponent for Garcia.

Fortuna cut Garcia’s right side in the first round. In the second round, he connected with a lethal two-punch combination. Fortuna tried to get a takedown in the third round but was unsuccessful. In the fourth round, Fortuna found some openings and connected with a left hook to the body of Garcia.

If Fortuna can take down Garcia in the first round, the result will be a huge upset. Garcia will have to beat a tougher fighter before facing Tank Davis. Fortuna has a lot of disadvantages over Garcia, but that shouldn’t keep him from getting the win. He’s a -1100 favorite by the bookmakers, so it’s worth placing a wager.

After a series of jabs, a body shot and a lot of body shots, Fortuna attempts to land a big shot. Garcia counters. He then hits Fortuna with a big hook that grazes Fortuna. Fortuna will likely land a big shot at some point, but the big jab lands and Fortuna is pushed back.

In the bout that ended with Garcia knocking out Fortuna, Garcia put his power to the test. He landed two powerful body shots and a hook on the chin. Fortuna was unable to rise from the canvas and was ruled out of the fight by referee Jerry Cantu at 0:27 of the sixth round. Garcia, who normally campaigns in the lightweight division of the boxing world, requested that the fight be held at superlightweight. He added that he won’t be returning to the lightweight division.

DAZN will broadcast the fight live in over 200 countries. You will need a DAZN account to view the fight live.