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Which Answer Choice Contains All The Factors Of 10

Which answer choice contains all the factors of 10? A chi square chart can be used to help you make a decision. A chi square graph contains factors ranging from one to 48. One factor is the number and other is the number or dots in each row. This helps you visualize the factors in pairs. Which answer choice contains all the factors of 10? Which answer choice contains the most factors?

The prime factors of a number are the numbers one, two, and five. These prime numbers are both divisible by two, leaving one factor, the number ten, as the remainder. This is the process of prime factorization, and each composite number is composed of prime factors. In this exercise, you will learn how to break down the number 10 into its prime factors. Once you know the prime factors of ten you will be able to determine which answer option contains all of its factors.

Let’s say Annie needs to distribute 12 food packs among 8 children. C is the correct answer to this problem. Annie must distribute the food packs among the eight children. Which answer choice contains all of these factors? She must find the factors of 12 so she can divide them between 8 and eight. She must remember that twelve factors must be divisible by 8. 16.