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Cure Fortune

Cure Fortune – Happyness Charge Cure

Cure Fortune is a Happyness Charge cure that will appear in the 500th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise. Her form changes will be inspired by traditional Arabian dances, and her weapon will be the Fortune Tambourine. She will show respect to pink-haired magical girls and antagonize blue-haired ones. Her color scheme is purple.

She is the last Cure to be part of the team. She was under Queen Mirage’s control and was so captured by her. Cure Fortune was the first to receive the Innocent Form. In the anime, she was the only Cure to receive the form.

Her hairstyle is very similar to her Pretty Cures counterparts, with a dark purple ribbon around her neck. Her skirt is also purple, and she also wears arm warmers. Cure Fortune has a hairpiece with a heart-shaped design. Her voice actress is Rina Kitagawa.

Fortune also had a tragic history. Her sister Hikawa Maria had disappeared before the series began. To avenge her sister, she became Cure Fortune. She fought for Queen Mirage in Happiness Big Bang. She could not hear Fortune’s voice in her previous life. However, she was able hear her sister’s voice. In the end, Iona was able to free Tender from Fortune’s control by using the Innocent Purification.

The Dark Secret is kept secret by Hime, but Cure Fortune knows this and is aware of it. This means that the Kamen Rider, who has passed through the game, will be appearing in some form. The Dark Secret is a huge part of the game, and if it’s not kept under wraps, it will reveal itself in one form or another.

In this episode, the Dark Secret of the Cure Princess is revealed. In the next episode, a new team is formed and the Dark Blue Vest is unveiled. In the previous season, the dark blue vest was worn by the protagonist. He might be related to the Mika character from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 may be the reason for the tie-up of the season.

The voice actor for Cure Fortune has also performed image songs and other image songs. The character’s appearance and aura are very difficult to handle, so she doesn’t have many friends. She is very tense and rarely laughs but she loves her laugh. She was initially okay by herself, but eventually learned to work with the other Cures.

The recurring characters are mostly the same as in the previous seasons. However, there are a few standouts. The most memorable ones are the ones that contain a lot of enrish and have multiple meanings. The opening song, “Likely Complete”, is an example of Engrish. This song was originally a jingle for the Omori family’s food shop.