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Travel Watercolor Brush

Top 5 Travel Watercolor Brush Sets

Travel watercolor brushes are essential tools for artists who paint on the go, offering easy transportability with lightweight handles that double as protective caps. Furthermore, these travel watercolor brushes provide similar quality and performance as traditional watercolor brushes making them suitable for artists on budget as well as master levels alike. There are various budget and master level travel watercolor options to consider!

Silver Brush’s set of three brushes features a round, filbert and flat brush in size 4. Easily fitting into pockets or carry cases, they feature an elegant combination of squirrel hair and black synthetic bristles for durability and color retention, along with a good spring that maintains their shape and point while producing accurate colors that have smooth transitions.

Winsor & Newton’s Black Velvet Voyage travel brush set is another fantastic option, ideal for travel. These brushes come in various sizes to meet all of your needs – they’re great for creating both detailed works and medium washes with ease! Additionally, their sturdy construction makes them durable enough for even heavy travel use!

Raphael offers some of the highest quality art supplies on the market, and their travel brushes are no exception. Crafted with high-grade squirrel hair for precise and firm points that hold water and color efficiently for washes of any variety; with comfortable handles that fit snugly into hands.

Escoda Versatil travel brushes offer an inexpensive alternative to expensive natural kolinsky sable watercolor brushes, offering premium nylon bristles that emulate their hairy predecessors and deliver snappy snap, fine points, and fluid retention with their chrome finishes for style and extended lifespan.

If you’re in search of a travel watercolor brush set that provides versatility, consider this set from Caran d’Ache. These brushes come in various sizes and shapes to meet all your painting needs, with two rubber buttons for adding water. However, be careful not to squeeze too hard as doing so could damage bristles and cause unintended results.

Isabey Pure Red Sable travel brushes are an ideal option for artists in search of versatile brushes. This set contains flat, angle, rake and sable brushes in a convenient carrying case that’s great for on-the-go inspiration. Their beautiful red hue draws attention while being versatile enough for both sweeping washes and precise lines; making this an excellent travel brush for nature-inspired art enthusiasts and beginners alike! Easy cleanup means this great travel tool dries quickly after use making this an excellent travel choice suitable for beginners or experienced artists alike!