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Bulge Above Belly Button After Tummy Tuck

The reason for the bulge above your belly button after a tummy tuck can be complicated. The procedure may alter the shape of your belly, and the resulting scar might be visible. However, the bulge is usually a temporary condition, and you can go back to your regular activities in about two weeks. There are many risks associated with this surgery, and you should talk to a plastic surgeon about the specifics of your case.

One risk of a tummy tuck procedure is that it can result in a bulge above the belly button. This is common, and it may occur after a tummy tuck procedure. While it’s important to avoid a bulge above the belly button, it’s not an absolute requirement. There are some potential complications. Fortunately, the surgical process is very safe. If you’re concerned that a bulge above your belly button is a result of a previous operation, you can consult a plastic surgeon.

The tummy tuck procedure involves making an incision in the low abdomen. Excess fat and stretched skin are removed, and the loose muscles are stitched together. The surgeon will lift the upper skin up as high as the rib cage, then pull it down like a window shade to the lower skin near the pubic bone. The surgeon will choose the new position of the belly button stalk.

After a tummy tuck, you may experience a small bulge above the belly button. The surgeon may use a special suture to lift the skin above the belly button, but the bulge isn’t permanent. Your doctor may suggest another procedure if the bump is unattractive. If you have a small pooch in the lower belly, you should choose a mini tummy tuck instead.

The procedure will also remove any loose skin and fat from the lower abdomen. The tummy tuck will target every section of the abdominal muscles. The resulting tummy will appear hourglass-shaped, and the scar will be well hidden by your underwear. There will be no bulge above the belly button after the procedure. It will take several months for the results to fully appear.

The bulge above the belly button can be caused by a variety of causes. It can be the result of a weak plicating muscle. During the procedure, the surgeon will remove the underlying muscles to correct the bulge. This will leave the patient with a tummy that is tight and flat. While this is a temporary problem, the scar may become thicker over time, and the bulge could look weird and distorted.

The bulge above the belly button can be caused by the same issues as those affecting the rest of the body. Typically, the procedure will correct the laxity of the abdominal wall, but it will leave a scar on the chin. Some women may also experience the bulge above the belly button after tummy tuck. The bulge above the belly button is usually permanent, and the surgeon will likely have to correct it.

In most cases, the bulge above the belly button is caused by a weakening of the abdominal muscles, which can cause a muffin top. It is important to consult a plastic surgeon to determine whether this is the cause of the bulge. The incision is made into the skin and the abdominal wall can be reshaped later if the problem persists. If the bulge is caused by the abdominal muscles, the surgeon will need to perform a full tummy tuck revision in order to fix this.

There are several reasons why your belly button may look different than the rest of your body. Sometimes, you will notice that the skin puckers up along the incision line, which is called dog ears. These dog ears can be embarrassing and are often visible after a tummy tuck. These dog ears will go away after a few weeks, but if you are left with a noticeable scar, you should contact your plastic surgeon immediately.