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House of Fun Review

Among the many slot games, House of Fun is one of the most popular free slots apps in the world. It features many different levels and slots, with the ability to complete quests to earn rewards. It’s not a casino app, however, and you don’t win real money. The coins you earn are intended to be used as currency, not as actual cash.

House of Fun is available for both Android and iOS devices, and is designed to work with your Facebook account. You can invite your friends to join the fun, and earn coins as they do. You also have the option to purchase extra play time, which allows you to keep playing for a longer period of time. You can buy coins and chips from the game’s store, and you can send unique connections to your friends.

House of Fun is not meant to be a gambling app, but it’s got an active community of over twenty million players. Using the app is free, and you can download it on your Android or iOS device. You can sign up for the Playtika Rewards program, which helps you to increase your status across all Playtika products. You can also purchase items in the game, such as new slot machines or a bonus game.

As you progress through the game, you’ll earn coins, free spins, and bonuses. If you’re interested in the free stuff, you can play the Daily Wheel of Fun, which will give you a chance to get a free bonus each day. Alternatively, you can purchase coins from the store to use in the slot machines. You can even collect a bonus every three hours, if you don’t want to wait for the daily wheel of fun to reward you.

The House of Fun app is regularly updated with new content. The most recent version of the app includes a new feature that makes it easier to invite your friends to play. The app also contains several exciting albums, which make playing the game even more enjoyable. In addition, you can earn rewards, complete missions, and buy additional coins to play the game’s many slots. You can even help legends rebuild their homes with House of Fun.

Unlike other social games, House of Fun is meant for adults only (age 21 and up). You can play it for free, or you can buy playtime, which allows you to continue to play for a longer period of time. There are multiple ways to collect free coins, but you’ll need to make a small deposit to get a full set of free coins.

The big “win” in the House of Fun game isn’t winning a jackpot, but rather the opportunity to win more than ten times your bet. You can earn this if you’re able to get three of the “Big Win” symbols on the same level. You can also earn a bonus when you reach one of the objectives in the game, but this won’t necessarily guarantee you a win.