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Japanese Art Piece Good Fortune

Japanese Art Piece Symbolizing Longevity and Good Fortune

A Japanese art piece symbolizes longevity and good fortune. However, this art piece is also a crossword puzzle answer. The piece of art was last seen on January 1 2022, in the LA Times Crossword. The answer, ORIGAMICRANE, begins with the letter O and ends with the letter E.

This piece of art represents the Seven Gods of Good Fortune, which are benevolent divinities who are often worshipped by the Japanese. Their faces are elongated to symbolize their great wisdom. They are typically depicted with a deer or crane, the two most auspicious animals in the Rinpa canon. In the Sakai Oho version, Jurojin is mounted on a white deer. Besides the gods of good fortune, Sakai Oho also painted holy men and poetic immortals.