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What Rims Will Fit A Pontiac G6

When you want to add new rims to your Pontiac G6, you need to know what sizes the car came with. Luckily, your vehicle can accept almost any sized wheel. Below are the specifications for the standard wheel sizes for the G6. To find out what rims fit a Pontiac G6, you must know the model year of your vehicle.

Before you begin shopping for new rims for your Pontiac, you must know the backspacing of the original wheels. This is the distance between the wheel mounting pad and the center of the wheel. Ideally, the rims should fit on the center of the hub. If you’re installing a new ring-and-saddle, then the tire bores must be exactly on the center of the hub. If you want a more aggressive look, consider using a set of branded rims.

Then, check the backspacing. It’s important to note that this measurement refers to the distance between the center of the wheel’s flange and the rear of the wheel’s hub. You should also consider the tire bulge, which is the distance between the center of the hub and the center of the wheel’s bore. Using a wheel that’s not ‘hubcentric’ may require modifications.

If you’re going to install aftermarket rims, you need to ensure that they’re compatible with the car. There are some modifications that you must make in order to install large wheels, but you shouldn’t cut corners on these. Keep in mind that your car’s road-worthiness and general safety are at stake. If you’re installing directional tires, you should be very careful as these tires can only be rotated from front to rear.

Aftermarket rims are an excellent way to add style and performance to your Pontiac G6. You can choose between 5-Spoke, 6-Spoke, and multi-spoke radial rims. Different rims will fit different sizes. You should also take into consideration the backspacing and the tire bulge. You should choose the right sized wheels to match your vehicle’s wheel size.

Choosing the right rims for your Pontiac G6 is an essential part of the process. While you can choose any aftermarket wheel, you need to make sure that it fits properly. It is also important to consider the backspacing and the tire bulge. Besides that, you should also consider the size of the tire. You need to consider how many inches your chosen rims will have.

The most common rim size for a Pontiac G6 is 17×8. However, the 17×8 is 0.5 inches wide when measured from the inside tire beads. When measuring the width of the rims from the outside lip, it is closer to nine inches than advertised. If the new rig doesn’t fit properly, you can always purchase an adapter from another manufacturer.

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