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Pacu Travel Nurse Jobs

PACU Travel Nurse Jobs Are In Demand

PACU (post-anesthesia care unit) travel nurse jobs offer nurses the unique opportunity to gain valuable experience while working in exciting locations nationwide. These highly sought-after positions allow nurses to work at hospitals and outpatient facilities across America with attractive salaries and company-provided housing.

As a nurse, your responsibility is to care for patients and ensure they remain healthy and recovering safely. As a PACU travel nurse, you’ll take on this responsibility by offering high-quality treatment and comfort during times of great vulnerability in patients’ lives.

You must possess an RN license in your state as well as some PACU training and certifications to be considered for this travel nursing job. Furthermore, you must be comfortable working in a fast-paced environment with the capacity to manage an abundance of patients.

Travel Nurses Are on the Frontlines of COVID-19 Pandemic

As a COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit travel nurse, one of your main responsibilities is helping patients recover and feel secure. You’ll monitor vital signs, administer medications or other prescribed treatments, and report any changes to physicians. Furthermore, as part of an interdisciplinary team that creates comprehensive nursing plans for each patient, it is your job to create these comprehensive plans together.

Medical Surgical Operating Room Travel Nurses Are One Of The Highest Paying Travel Nursing Jobs Out There

Travel nurses in this specialty are in high demand due to a shortage of OR nurses and an excess of surgeries in many areas. It’s no surprise that this nursing role offers such lucrative earnings for those who travel.

In addition to their salary, these professionals enjoy full benefits and company-provided housing. Furthermore, they have considerable freedom in selecting their assignments.

Travel Nurses Needed

Despite the current shortage of nursing staff, there remains a high demand for skilled and experienced travel nurses in some cities and states. You might find these positions on post-anesthesia care units or telemetry wards.

These RN roles require an active RN license in your state, at least one year of experience working in critical care and a CCRN-Pediatric credential. Furthermore, you must pass through background check and drug screening prior to accepting an assignment.

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Travel Nurses Are in High Demand

As an interdisciplinary member of the team, you’ll provide high-quality care to children suffering from serious and life-threatening illnesses or injuries. You’ll monitor their vitals, assist with specialized procedures, and perform various tasks related to child care.

By working with families of these patients, you’ll have an opportunity to hone your interpersonal skills. Offering comfort and guidance during this difficult time can help ease their trauma.

With, you have the unique opportunity to work in an exciting hospital or clinic and the option to extend your contract if you’re satisfied with your assignment. This can be an excellent way to prevent nurse burnout and add valuable experience to your resume.