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Stanford Travel Study

Travel Abroad With Stanford Travel/Study

Stanford Travel/Study has been providing unparalleled educational travel journeys to Stanford alumni since 1968, visiting more than 140 countries around the world. Each one-of-a-kind experience is led by esteemed Stanford faculty and scholars and designed to expand your mind and inspire your life.

Studying abroad is an invaluable opportunity to expand your horizons, make friends around the world and gain perspective on pressing issues. Stanford University offers several short-term programs and courses that give students this unique chance to discover a different culture while earning college credit.

Our travel specialists will assist you in selecting the most suitable program for your requirements and objectives, guaranteeing a secure, enjoyable and rewarding journey. We offer an array of tours that encompass everything from ancient history to contemporary culture.

Experience Provence in France

Take a break from Stanford to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Provence with this course designed to develop communication skills and give you an understanding of French culture at a deeper level. Led by Stanford faculty members, this program also features talks from local experts as you further enhance your learning experience.

Egypt on the Nile

Join this program that blends Egypt’s fascinating ancient civilization with contemporary insights about Cairo and the pyramids, plus an insight into modern-day Egyptian life. You’ll meet local leaders and gain their perspectives on their country while touring iconic sights of ancient Cairo with a Stanford guide.

Morocco – Learning a new language is an excellent way to expand your horizons and connect with people from around the globe. At Alliance Francaise, you’ll have the chance to explore this vibrant country as you interact with locals and experience its cuisine and culture firsthand.

The program fee covers a comprehensive academic program, accommodations, meals, tours and excursions. In some cases, programs also provide travel grants to cover additional costs associated with participation.

Once approved, Stanford Travel/Study will send you an email containing details on how to claim your travel grant. This grant is open to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in an approved program.

Traveling abroad and experiencing new cultures with friends is an integral part of the Stanford experience, so we’re excited to provide travel opportunities that let you see the world from a fresh perspective. These adventures can help you explore your interests, form connections with fellow Stanford students and find belonging within a global community.

Study Abroad With the Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP)

BOSP offers several regular quarter-length study abroad programs, where you’ll earn full Stanford credit while traveling and living at a local study abroad center. These intensive programs cover classes in social and natural sciences, humanities and engineering that can either fulfill University breadth requirements or enhance your major.

BOSP is committed to giving all Stanford students the chance to engage in global learning experiences and making sure those who cannot afford it do so. Over the last several years, we have provided financial assistance for approximately 50% of students enrolled in our short-term programs.