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White Entitlement And Other Peoples Crime Cacho

Marlon Boland – A Crime Cacho

During his first trial for the murder of a young hoodlum, Marlon Boland was a reluctant witness. In fact, he was present at the scene of the crime and was among the crowd of would be killers. This was also the day of the fight and not the night of the mob. It is also noteworthy that he had the good fortune of meeting a man who allegedly had access to a sniper’s rifle and a samurai sword. His good fortune ended with a mistrial and a revolving door. Having said that, he still has the good fortune of being a gang member of the sexiest gang in town. It is not that he is a bad guy, it is just that he has a tendency to take things too far.

Having said that, the case was a complex one with many variables. The ol’ sleuth was thrown into the mix and the thugs were tamed to a degree. The aforementioned sleuth was aided by the fact that the culprits possessed a fair degree of common sense. That notwithstanding, the sleuth was not a smooth operator and the aforementioned sleuth stumbled on a number of suspects. The most notable were a pair of alleged conspirators and a few aforementioned miscreants. This was not the best of times and the aforementioned sleuth was forced to put down his sword and a gun to save the day. It is a wonder that he survived the ordeal.