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Travel Size Waterpik

Buying a Travel Size Waterpik

If you’re thinking about trying water flossing but unsure where to begin, a travel-sized Waterpik could be an ideal solution. These compact models boast the same power as their countertop counterparts and fit into most luggage, plus they’re easy to pack and unpack so that you can take them with you wherever life takes you.

What makes the best travel waterpik? That depends on a number of factors. First and foremost, determine how much power you require and which features are important to you. Some models come with pulsation capabilities which can help loosen food debris or plaque from hard-to-reach places.

When selecting a model, another factor to consider is how many settings it offers. Basic Waterpiks offer two pressure settings while more advanced models may offer up to three. Select a mild setting if your teeth are sensitive or opt for a strong one if you need help scraping away stubborn debris.

Some models feature pulse or massage modes that stimulate gum tissue and make flossing more comfortable. These are especially beneficial for individuals with chronic dental conditions like periodontal disease or receding gums.

No matter the type of water flosser you select, be sure to read its user manual thoroughly before use. You’ll want to learn how to clean your device after each use and maintain its condition in optimal working condition.

Koovon Cordless Water Flosser: If budgeting is on your mind, this travel-ready model is an excellent option. This device comes with a 300ml reservoir and USB charger that charges through USB. Plus, its built-in screen lets you view how much water remains in the device as well as which mode it’s currently in.

It also features three pressure settings and a silent design, all at an incredibly lightweight weight of only a pound.

You can use it for flossing your teeth, in the shower or under a sink. It comes with a small travel case and removable microfiber travel bag for convenience.

When traveling with your flosser, be sure to empty its water container before going through security. Doing this makes it easier for airport security officers to identify and inspect your device.

Finally, make sure to pack it in a TSA-approved travel case and bring it on board your flight. Doing this will guarantee you can bring the liquid through security without violating TSA Liquids rule.

If you’re traveling to a country with stringent liquid restrictions, it may be necessary to empty the water out of your travel waterpik before passing through security. Otherwise, breaking the law and potentially incurring fines or imprisonment are potential outcomes.

Additionally, it’s best to store your travel waterpik in a separate, secure storage case when not in use. Doing this helps protect it from scratches and other damage that could occur during transit. A higher-quality case should be molded with a hard shell and secure zipper closures for extra security.