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Nobo Travel Trailer

Why Buy a Nobo Travel Trailer?

Nobo Travel Trailers by Forest River RV. Designed for the adventurous traveler, Nobo trailers offer lightweight designs that can be towed by 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder vehicles. With plenty of room inside for kayaks, surfboards and other gear needed for outdoor recreation and adventure, these lightweight trailers make perfect camping or RVing companions.

For those on tight budgets, this brand is an excellent option as their prices range from $27,000 to $40,000.

A Nobo travel trailer is the ideal choice for off-road camping, as it is built to withstand potholes, mud and dirt. Get off the beaten path with Nobo travel trailers and experience nature at its finest!

Nobo trailers are made with an all-metal construction called AZDEL Onboard, which is twice as strong and half as heavy as wood but twice as light. This prevents them from rotting and warping like other materials do, plus there’s no need for resurfacing like fiberglass or aluminum does.

Nobo stands out among other motorcycles due to their torsion axle suspension system instead of traditional spring suspension, which provides them with smoother rides on bumpy roads and helps keep them stable when hitting potholes – an unfortunately frequent occurrence on the road.

Nobo offers a range of models, each with its own distinct attributes. Prices and floorplans may differ, but all boast top-tier construction that’s meant to last.

The NB10.6 features a single slideout rack beneath the forward cargo compartment and garage-like storage for hauling off-road toys. It’s large enough to accommodate a full-sized ATV, plus it boasts a 30-gallon freshwater tank as well.

Some Nobo models feature an outdoor kitchen to prepare meals while camping. These campers feature a street-side slideout rack that can be equipped with two burners, cooler, and small pantry-like side compartment for basic cooking supplies like salt and pepper.

Nobo also features a roof rack to store your favorite toys, like kayaks, mountain bikes or four-wheelers. Plus, they have an extensive rear ramp to haul off-road gear as well as three entry doors.

Outdoor enthusiasts often have a wealth of equipment, which can be difficult to store. The Nobo 10.6 offers plenty of storage as well as two burners propane camp stove and 30-gallon freshwater tank capacity.

Nobo offers eight models with various floorplans and features to meet the demands of adventurous travelers. All Nobos boast a solid roof for easy cleaning, plus they come with various standard and optional upgrades like awnings and solar packages.