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Plus Size Fortune Teller Costume

Plus Size Fortune Teller Costume

You love the idea reading fortunes and blowing minds of people, so why not dress up like one? A fortune teller costume is colorful, versatile, and can be worn by all ages. You can read fortunes, belly dance, and blow people’s minds! This costume is great for Halloween and any other Halloween celebrations.

You will need various accessories to create this costume. First of all, you’ll need a crystal ball. This will help you see into the future. If you are a woman, you can wear a bohemian dress that will make you look like you’re dressed up as a fortune teller.

You can also purchase a Plus Size Renaissance-style Costume, which is both a fortune teller costume and a pirate costume. The costume features a cream off-shoulder top with a brown lace-up vest and multi-fabric skirt. The outfit also comes with a teal-green head tie and a waist sash.

There are many options for plus-size fortune teller costumes. If you want to be a woman fortune teller, you can choose one with separate sleeves, a headscarf, and a headpiece. You can even choose a costume with accessories that are specific to your personality, such as tarot cards.

A plus-size fortune teller costume includes a skirt with an underskirt. Both have an elastic waist and are hemmed to 44″. You can request them to be shorter if you prefer. Six fortune cards are also included with the costume. The package also includes a pair of skirt pins.

For Halloween, a plus-size fortune teller costume is a great choice! It’s fun and versatile, and you’ll get many compliments. Just make sure you wear gold jewelry to complete the look. You will need some gold bangles for night-time costumes. Gold jewelry is also essential for a night sky costume, so don’t forget to add gold bangles!

The internet is a great place to find plus-size costumes. Costume merchants not only sell plus-size costumes but also offer free shipping around the world. In addition to their wide range of costumes, they also offer a sizing chart. This will make sure that your costume fits properly.