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Why Do People Tap Tesla Charger

Why Do People Tap Their Cars Before Charging?

There are many reasons why Tesla drivers tap their cars before charging. Some people do it for a social media challenge, while others do it for convenience or out of habit. But there are also some myths about this practice.

The Most Practical Reason Why People Tap Their Cars Before Charging

When charging at a Tesla Supercharger, you can press a button on the charger nozzle to open up your charge port door. However, if you are charging at non-Tesla charging stations, this won’t work, so it is important to tap your tail light several times around the charging port area to open up the door.

Another reason why people tap their cars before charging is that they want to ensure the charger nozzle gets inserted correctly. This can be a problem with some adapters, but it can often be fixed by tapping the nozzle several times.

Some owners believe that tapping the charger nozzle can improve conductivity or recharging rate. Other people do it to remove debris from the charger hole, which could cause connectivity problems and lead to charging failures.

This practice is not very effective, as it does not remove a physical blockage that might impede the connection between the charger and your Tesla’s electrical system. Furthermore, it does not redistribute the subatomic particles that are necessary for optimal charging, so it won’t help in ensuring that the charger is working correctly and recharging your battery at an optimum speed.

The Other Most Practical Reason Why People Tap Their Cars before Charging

Some Tesla owners believe that tapping the charger nozzle can help with recharging speed and connectivity. This can be done by removing dust, dirt, or debris that might be preventing the charger from communicating with your vehicle’s electronic systems.

Other people do it because they want to ensure that the charge nozzle is inserted correctly, which can be a problem with some adapters. This can be fixed by tapping the nozzle several times on your car’s rear.

Tapping your tail light before charging is also a good way to check whether your car is in park or reverse mode. This is because you can only charge your Tesla if it is in park or reverse.

In addition to opening up your charge port, tapping the tail light can also be used to activate your car’s charging system. This is especially useful if you have a key FOB and don’t remember to use it before charging your vehicle.

Lastly, some people do it to activate their car’s automatic recharging mode, which allows the charger to start charging your battery automatically when it is connected to a power source. This is a great feature for busy drivers who do not have time to wait for the charging station to start its process.

While these are the most practical reasons why people tap their cars before charging, there are other things that can be a real hassle to use when it comes to Tesla charging. If you are planning to charge your Tesla in a public space, you should consider bringing a portable charging unit with you, which can make it easier to stay within the legal distance. You can also bring an extension cord to plug into a nearby power outlet to charge your Tesla while you are out and about.