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Herschel Travel Tote

Herschel Travel Tote Review

Are You Following Herschel Bags on TikTok? For those who have, Herschel has become well known as an accessories company known for its iconic backpacks – now expanding to offer hardshell luggage that is both durable and stylish!

This new collection of suitcases starts at $225 for carry-on size and offers four sizes from small to large. We tested two of the company’s newest additions — Little America Backpack and Retreat Backpack — on a weekend trip in order to compare them against other travel bags from renowned Canadian brand Cotopaxi, such as classic Herschel backpacks and duffel bags from other sources.

The Herschel Little America backpack offers a spacious and well-organized interior suitable for short or long journeys. Featuring TSA-compliant laptop storage in its back compartment as well as zippered compartments for additional organization, this convenient travel bag also comes equipped with a trolley luggage sleeve to make traveling with it even simpler.

This backpack’s main compartment provides ample room for packing clothes and essentials for an overnight or weekend adventure, though space may become tight when packing more than a few days worth of clothes. Also, its top handle may become caught up on rocks or seashells without proper care taken when using this bag.

Alternatively, for longer trips consider the Herschel Retreat backpack which has an expanded capacity to hold extra clothing and items. Its rugged exterior design includes meshed storage zippers and an ample front pocket – plus comfortable shoulder straps which remain supportive on long hikes or walks.

This Herschel backpack stands out from other travel tote bags by forgoing traditional grab handles on its sides in favor of two stowable backpack straps that fold up for easy storage, providing cushioned comfort when not being used. Furthermore, its self-healing fabric helps it recover after being scratched by sharp objects.

The Herschel Hippack may not be one of the more versatile options on this list, but its versatile features still make it a suitable travel bag. Notably, it folds up easily to save space in checked bags while its adjustable straps enable versatile carrying options from across your chest or shoulder to waist carry – perfect for quick trips when only packing towels, beach blankets and snacks are necessary!