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Miss Fortune Series In Order

Read the Miss Fortune Series in Order

The Miss Fortune Series is a cozy mystery series written by USA and New York Times bestselling author Jana Deleon. These books feature Fortune Redding, a former CIA agent who escapes the grid after leaking classified data. Fortune ends up in a town famous for its murders, and capers.

While the series has several standalone books, it’s not necessary to read them in order. The characters in the Miss Fortune series continue to develop throughout the books. Swamp Spirits was the first novel in this series and was published on August 7, 2022. However, if you’re new to the series, it’s recommended that you start with book one and work your way through the series.

The first novel in the series takes place in the town of Sinful, Louisiana. Fortune posses as Sandy-Sue, the niece of her boss. Fortune is forced to leave her element for so long this is the first time she has done so. The next novel in the series, ‘Caught in the Act’, finds Fortune posing as a retired beauty queen. She teams up with two old ladies, Gertie and Ida Belle. They begin to investigate the disappearance of a man five years ago. While investigating the case, they often get stopped by local deputy LeBlanc.