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Miss Fortune Build Aram

Build Aram for Miss Fortune

When building Aram for Miss Fortune, you will want to focus on her abilities. These abilities help her slow down enemies, and she can also deal poke damage. However, she will frequently find herself low on mana. Luckily, Presence of Mind increases her mana regeneration. This ability can be extremely useful when Miss Fortune is trying to get a takedown or is trying to get into the thick of things.

For her basic attacks, Miss Fortune is mostly reliant on her abilities, which can be very powerful. Then she can take advantage of her buffs by doing great damage with her abilities. Her abilities can also assist with basic attacks and give her a big boost in damage output. You can also use runes such as Conqueror, which increases her damage output while healing her allies.

In team fights, Miss Fortune is a threat with her ultimate and her ability to deal massive amounts of damage. She should stay grouped with the team, far enough back from enemy units to avoid getting hit by their attacks. If she dies, the team will have serious trouble. However, her damage output is so high that she should not be forgotten or underestimated.

While aram is a great melee build for Aram, it can also be used to initiate battles. If you can get close to an enemy, you can use Double Up to initiate a battle. You can use this ability when your enemies have Phantom Dancer, which helps Miss Fortune move faster.