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Package Research Case Created

What is a “Package Research Case Created” Status Update?

Getting an update from USPS that your package has been reported as “missing” or “in-transit” may raise many questions for you and your recipient. The first thing you should know is that a “package research case created” status update means that a missing package has been reported and a case has been opened for locating the missing item. Whenever possible, you should report a missing package to USPS as soon as possible.

If your package has been delayed for more than seven days, you can open a research case for a missing package. Domestic Ground and Registered services have deadlines of five to ten days from the postmark date of original mailing. Ideally, USPS will resolve your package research case within five to ten business days. During this time, USPS will investigate the route the package has traveled and will communicate the outcome to you.