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Costamar Travel Packages

Costamar Travel Packages

Costamar Cruises have earned themselves an impeccable reputation for designing award-winning cruises in exotic ports around the globe, so your vacation will surely be unforgettable. No matter if it’s for couples, families, or corporate retreats; our expert consultants will collaborate with you to design an itinerary tailored specifically to your needs and budget. With over 60 ships including our popular ship Costa Concordia on offer – be it vacation or business related – Costamar offers the ideal vessel to make any vacation an extraordinary one.

Finding the ideal cruise isn’t difficult: our friendly agents are on hand to offer assistance, advice and recommendations that will ensure you make the most of your next Costa Cruise experience. Services we provide include online check-in and booking; luggage services including one provided during check-in/booking; pre and post cruise extensions should you become lost; as well as pre/post cruise extensions in case something comes up that keeps you from sailing on schedule.