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Capstone Logistics Travel Team

Capstone Logistics Jobs – Traveling Order Selector

Capstone Logistics is a third-party logistics provider, offering freight management, warehouse and distribution center support, last-mile delivery services, supply chain analytics and optimization. Based in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, their operations span across North America.

According to its website, the company strives to offer quality and cost-effective services that help its clients remain competitive in the marketplace. It offers a comprehensive suite of supply chain solutions tailored toward delivering customer value, such as process engineering expertise, field management services, technology integration and support, and distribution center management.

It has 550 locations, 17,000 associates and 60,000 carriers throughout North America as well as serving more than a dozen other countries around the world.

About Capstone Logistics

Capstone is a third-party logistics provider for the food industry. Established in 2011 through the merger of Progressive Logistics Services and LMS Intellibound (including LMS subsidiary National Freight Handlers), Capstone now includes Pinnacle Workforce Logistics and Best Loading Services among its capabilities within this space.

About the Job – Traveling Order Selector

The traveling order selector’s role is to pick products from warehouse racking storage areas and place them onto pallets or shipping containers for shipment. This position requires knowledge of warehouse distribution facilities, including how to properly stack products for minimal damage and maximum efficiency.

Working for a leading logistics provider in the United States offers you an attractive salary and benefits package. This rewarding position is ideal for anyone aspiring to take their professional career to the next level.

Your salary and bonus packages will vary based on your experience, skills and education. In addition to health insurance and 401(k), the company also provides other perks.

On average, Capstone Logistics employees make $431,628 annually. This high salary may vary based on several factors like your location, department and job title.

Logistics industries offer a range of jobs and salaries that depend on factors like experience, skills and education. Popular positions include truck driver, dispatcher and warehouse worker – with salaries to match.

Warehouse workers are accountable for storing and picking products as well as maintaining the cleanliness of a warehouse. Additionally, they may ensure all items are correctly packaged and labeled so customers can quickly identify what they’re receiving.

Other positions in this industry involve managing warehouse employees and performing administrative duties, such as training new workers or updating records. A manager or supervisor in such a role must guarantee employees are working safely, efficiently, and with high morale.

Despite these obstacles, Capstone Logistics remains dedicated to creating a safe and respectful environment for its associates. Its policies and procedures are tailored to prevent harassment and discrimination, promote transparency and accountability among staff members, and foster an upbeat work atmosphere. For instance, its Operation Excellence Manager’s Guide instructs managers how to treat their associates fairly while showing that they value their team members.