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Hornbuckle Research

Hornbuckle Research

Hornbuckle research is a broad area in which scientists can apply the most recent science in environmental protection. His research interests include the fate and source of consumer products in natural systems and atmospheric deposition of potentially harmful compounds in the Great Lakes. He also designs air sampling equipment and models environmental processes. Professor Hornbuckle is the past-president of Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors. He has received several awards. He received his Ph.D. in environmental engineering and science from the University of Minnesota.

Hornbuckle’s research has been focused on the effects of climate change on the environment. She has also studied the role of plant water storage in preventing desertification. She hopes to reduce health disparities caused by climate change by understanding how water is stored in plants. Her goal is to help people avoid these environmental hazards and improve their quality of life.

Hornbuckle is an Iowa SRP Center faculty member. She is a collaborator with a broad group of scientists to identify the sources and transport of PCBs. She has also engaged the community in her research to better understand the impacts of exposure on health. Hornbuckle gained insight from the community through community engagement and created research projects to address these needs.

The research also examined the environmental impact of PCBs. PCBs are classified as a human carcinogen and have been banned in the United States since 1979. Despite the ban on the manufacture of PCBs, they are still present in the environment. This is due to historical sources and inadvertent manufacturing.