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Fortune Miller

Miller Fortune Review

In February 2014, Miller rolled out Fortune, a new brand designed to compete in the spirits market for special occasions. The bottle features a script “m” reminiscent of Miller’s time-honored brewing traditions. The 6.9% abv undistilled beverage consists of cascade hops, caramel malts, and water. It is best served in a rocks glass.

Fortune is a very drinkable beer, despite its alcohol content. Although it’s easy to drink, Fortune lacks the flavor and body that you would expect from a quality beer. It’s refreshing and easy to drink, but it lacks the Cascade hops that make great beer.

The bottle is also unique and reminiscent of a bourbon bottle. The script letter “m” is etched into the bottle, an homage to the traditional brewing method used by Miller. Miller Fortune has 6.9% ABV and is best served in a rocks glass. If you’re a whiskey fan, you’ll enjoy this new release from MillerCoors.

Unfortunately, Miller Fortune didn’t get off to a great start. The brand lasted only two years. The distributors didn’t even create the idea. But they did manage to get the brand to ambitious distribution goals, despite a lack of a strong brand foundation. MillerCoors fired an agency that did the Miller Fortune launch ads. Great ad agencies are able to challenge client direction and stand up in support of their clients.