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Food Research Fellow Jobs

Food Research Fellow Jobs

Food research fellow jobs can be found in a number of places, including universities, industry, government, and nonprofit organizations. These organizations are known for conducting evidence-based research that aims to reduce hunger, malnutrition, poverty, and other issues around the globe. They are an equal opportunity employer. You can apply for these jobs by contacting a university or research center.

This position requires an individual to conduct research on various topics related to food and nutrition in the developing world, with an emphasis on South Asia. The successful candidate will design and conduct large surveys, oversee evaluations, and contribute to technical reporting. The post is based in New Delhi, and requires some international travel. The appointment is for a maximum of three years.

Candidates should hold a bachelor’s degree or closely related subject in food science. It is also possible to obtain postgraduate qualifications in food science or technology. Professionals with prior work experience are also more likely to be considered for the position. They might have worked in a production line, at a laboratory, or done other duties. Networking, job shadowing, and vacation placements can also help candidates secure a position.

Food scientists specialize in many areas. Some work for private companies or government agencies. Food chemists create and analyze new foods and processes while sensory scientists study the characteristics and properties of food products. Food scientists also work to improve the nutritional content of foods and make them safer for consumers. These professionals can travel around the world to work in different countries.