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Minnie Mouse Travel Pillow Primark

A Minnie Mouse Travel Pillow From ShopDisney and a Grey Tracksuit From Primark

Are you searching for a pillow buddy or adding some Disney character to your bed? ShopDisney has just released an adorable range of Minnie Mouse weighted plush pillows with fluffy hair tufts and droopy ears! Each pillow features a removable three-pound weighted pouch to provide endless relaxation.

They come at a variety of price points, so there’s something for everyone! From classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse to adorable Stitch, Belle, and Rapunzel – there are plenty of options to choose from.

Minnie and Mickey travel pillow is the ideal accessory for any Disney-lover on a budget! This set includes two soft pillowcases and an adorable blanket made of pure cotton. Perfect for keeping kids comfy and cozy throughout the night, this collection will keep your little ones cozy and contented.

At only PS7, these cushions will put a smile on your face! The throw is more expensive at PS15 but still an incredible value.

These pink and grey items feature iconic mouse ears – complete with either a bow for Minnie or plain for Mickey. And they come in an assortment of sizes from baby to adult.

There’s also a super cute Minnie Mouse onesie for babies, starting at just PS4. This super adorable outfit has already gained massive attention on Instagram where vlogger Roxxsaurus posted it and received 33,500 likes and almost 85,700 comments – many parents praising its perfect style for dressing their babies in.

Primark recently added another Disney-inspired item to their selection – this time in the form of a comfortable grey tracksuit. Priced at PS20 as a complete set or individually at PS10, shoppers can now pick up this stylish item for just PS10.

Primark has collaborated with Disney before, and their collaboration is no surprise to their loyal customers. Recently, Primark has unveiled an array of clothing lines and accessories inspired by Stranger Things or Harry Potter films.

Last month, we informed you about a Disney-inspired collection from high-street retailer Topshop which was incredibly affordable and must-have for fans of Disney merchandise. Additionally, we shared with you some bargain-friendly items from the collection such as Kate Spade’s Minnie Mouse bag on a budget.

Now, the company has released even more Disney-themed products to make everyone at home feel a little cozier. These cuddly cushions and throws will have your kids giggling away for hours!

These sheets are crafted from 100% cotton with an adorable Mickey Mouse print design. You’ll love how they look on your bed just as much as they do in a child’s room!

Why wait? Get your pair today!

Primark offers affordable fashion and homeware at unbeatable prices, including its recent collaboration with Stranger Things for a clothing collection and Billie Eilish for music fans. Now Primark returns with more Disney-themed products at half the cost – offering cushions, blankets and bedding at fraction of the usual cost.