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Modes 3 Lite Platinum Travel System

Graco Modes 3 Lite Platinum Stroller Review

The Graco modes 3 lite platinum travel system is one of the newest and lightest on the market, providing great value for money with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a top-of-the-line system at an unbeatable price.

In a world of cheap plasticky clunkers, the Modes 3 Lite stands as an exception. It is designed to be both economical and high quality – perfect for your child’s safety and enjoyment! This package comes complete with the highly rated SnugRide 35 DLX infant car seat, reversible toddler seat and expandable storage basket.

This modern travel system will have your neighbors envious. Featuring a sleek chrome frame and multi-colored wheel coating, the included seat has full recline as well as an integrated sunshade that covers up to 80% of its surface area.

Unfortunately, it’s not without its shortcomings. The seat is too wide to accommodate most people and the base feels light and thin for comfortable usage. Despite those drawbacks, this product provides years of reliable use as well as good looks.

This Graco Modes travel system stands out with its display screen. Unlike most travel systems that come with an app and manual, you can view all features on its main screen without opening up the entire machine – an excellent way to ensure you don’t overlook something important or get distracted from your main task at hand.

There are plenty of travel systems that offer similar features or functions, but the Graco modes 3 lite is hands down the best option available. It’s our top pick due to its incredible value – parents looking for an all-inclusive system that will last them years to come will find this model to be more than adequate.