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Noctis Time Travel Fanfiction

Noctis Time Travel Fanfiction

Imagine Noctis from Final Fantasy VII living a real world life… With enough fanfiction writers at our disposal who do just this, imagining what might happen is no problem at all.

One of the best-known and beloved Noctis time travel fics comes from tinkertwins and is an exceptional example. Ranging from comedy to serious drama, this work provides a deeper look into his character and past.

Noctis’ ancestors were expert assassins, leading him to think his future would involve murdering people for profit. Instead, he ended up becoming an accomplished Huntsman instead – something people trust him with implicitly due to his trusting personality and impeccable skills as one.

This AU is one of the darker and emotionally intense stories on this list, yet I find myself drawn back again and again due to its wonderful writing. It follows Noctis as he struggles with mourning his mother and aunt as well as protecting his brothers while fighting to ensure their wellbeing – it may be hard going at times but definitely worth your while!

This AU is inspired by the Greek tragedy of Selene and Endymion; it can help Noctis understand why he can seem distant and cold at times; at the same time, however, it offers an inspiring tale of love and sacrifice.

At first glance, one thing you’ll immediately notice about this AU is its lack of sexual content – something I really appreciate. The story revolves around a man who must choose between being heroic or protecting his family from danger, making this story an intriguing take on Noctis/Ardyn relations and well-written.

As is true of all AUs, it’s essential to remember that they’re not canon. While some of them may seem canon, their authors may or may not continue updating them in the future. If any of them resonated with you, please rate them highly and rate your favorites!

As always, I hope this article was enjoyable and that you found some AUs to read! If you have any additional fics to suggest or need recommendations let me know in the comments below and until next time have an enjoyable reading experience xoxo As an author, she writes predominantly romance and occasionally some non-fiction, though she welcomes any genre. Currently studying journalism in college in the UK with plans to further her education at university; eventually hoping to work for either newspapers or magazines, but for now enjoying reading, watching television shows, violin playing, baking and baking in her free time – in her down time enjoying reading/watching/baking etc! If you would like to see more of Alyssa Adams work be sure to visit either Twitter or Tumblr: search @Alyssa_Adams on both platforms to see more work of Alyssa_Adams