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John Riggins Net Worth

John Riggins Net Worth

John Riggins, an American actor and producer, is John Riggins. His net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. Riggins was born in Seneca (Kansas) on 4 August 1949. He is a member of the legendary Actor group, the Baby Boomers. He is seventy-two and has two children. He is 6 feet two inches tall, or 1.88 m. It is unknown whether he is still working or retired.

Riggins began his career in the NFL as a rookie in 1971 with the New York Jets. He later played for the Washington Redskins for five seasons. While he was with the Redskins, he was named the MVP of Super Bowl XVII. He retired with 11,352 yards of rushing and was the NFL’s top rusher for 1983 and 1984. Riggins is now a television and movie commentator and has appeared in a Broadway play.

After retirement from the NFL, Riggins tried his hand at acting. He was a part of several TV shows including One Tree Hill, Guiding Light, and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. His net worth has risen steadily since his Hall of Fame induction. Riggins’ net worth is likely to continue increasing once he enters the Hall of Fame in June 2017.

John Riggin is married to Lisa-Marie O’ Brien. Their first marriage ended in 1991. They had four children together. Afterwards, Riggin married Lisa-Marie, who he met through the Riggo Rangers organization. They were very close to one another and had their children after he divorced. Their relationship was marked by mutual respect and admiration. However, the couple is currently happily married, and have a wonderful family.

After his retirement from football Riggins began to commentate on sports. Riggins hosted the Riggins & Russo TV show, which aired Sundays during 1998 NFL season. The show focused on the games between the Giants and the Jets. His net worth is estimated at around $1 million. He lives in Cabin John with his wife Lisa Marie. He has six children.

Riggins’ net worth has been built through acting, in addition to his professional career. His NFL career was the key to his success. His popularity has made him an icon in the sport. He gave his all to the sport and earned over a million dollars. Despite his age, Riggins still maintains a healthy physique. The former NFL player played for fourteen seasons before retiring in 1985. He was the first to score 100 touchdowns. George Rogers became the quarterback, but he remains an icon in the hall.

Riggins made millions of dollars while playing in the NFL. His record-breaking play in the league made him one of the highest paid players of all time. He played for the New York Jets and the Washington Redskins in the NFL. His most notable statistics include 104 Rushing touchdowns and 11,352 rushing yards. His 3.9 Rushing average earned Riggins a substantial sum of money. Riggins has also branched out into acting since retiring from the NFL. He has appeared in a few movies and television shows including “One Tree Hill.”