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James Fortune New Wife

Gospel Singer James Fortune Has a New Wife

Gospel singer James Fortune has a new wife named Kelly. The couple got married in July of 2018. Fortune shared on social media that Fortune had a baby girl with his wife. The couple has two children: Jayce, a son born in 2018, and Rhyen, a daughter due in 2020.

Fortune was previously married with Cheryl Thomas, and they had three children. In their divorce, the couple accused one another of abuse. The singer and the musician later separated. Despite their marriage ending in divorce, James and Cheryl were once considered a power couple in the music industry. They had a difficult time keeping it together and eventually split.

James Fortune performed “You Survived” at 2005’s Stellar Awards. He was nominated for two Grammy Awards. He was also awarded the ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Music Award and ASCAP Writers Award. His second marriage ended in divorce, and he and Rhaquele shared their wedding announcement on social media.

Despite his recent marriage to a gospel star, Fortune has had his share of scandals. Fortune was once sentenced to domestic abuse and was also jailed for allegedly abusing his wife. During a fight with Cheryl, he accidentally burned his stepson. The incident resulted in extensive burns to the body of the stepson.