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Travel Jane Disposable Urinal

Travel Jane Disposable Urinal

Travel jane disposable urinals are ideal for camping trips in remote wilderness locations or long car journeys when there is no access to toilet facilities, night outs or festivals where public restrooms might not be readily available and festivals where night-outing may not be ideal – and are even great additions for festivals where using public toilets could be unhygienic!

Easy and discreet peeing without any setup is now possible with this simple device! Just unroll, position under your urethra, and pee! Thanks to its leak-free resealable bag that turns liquid waste into gel, there will be no messy spills – plus at only 1.5 ounces it’s lightweight enough for carrying around in your bag!

Since its release in early 2018, this product has proven an instant hit on the market and become an essential item for travelers and campers during this pandemic, with search rankings increasing fivefold in May and June alone. This spike coincides with Americans returning to outdoor activities and travel; and Monday was its busiest sales day as people prepare to celebrate Independence Day.

Although its pink hue and name “Jane,” which implies women-specific use, suggest otherwise, this device is actually unisex and produced by the same UK-based company; only color and packaging differs.

Some users report difficulty securing their resealable bag correctly and finding it less user-friendly when used by women, but most find it works effectively. A few tips for making it simpler include placing it over a toilet seat or on the ground and positioning it so gravity helps with flow; using two hands to help minimize accidental leakage; and always carrying toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

If you want to try the Travel Jane or another female pee funnel, desertcart offers worldwide shipping and can help make that dream a reality! Make sure that any restrictions and customs laws that might impact shipping are considered before ordering – to save even more money join desertcart Plus which offers unlimited free shipping to over 164 countries!