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GW2 Research Notes

Having research notes is a great way to get a little extra mileage out of your items and weapons in GW2. It’s important to know how to find and use them, as they can help you make improvements to your skills. There are two different ways you can get research notes: you can do research through Salvage crafted items or armor.

Salvage crafted items

Obtaining crafting materials through salvaging is a great way to get a few nice things without spending a lot of gold. However, salvaging is a bit more difficult than simply purchasing crafting materials from the merchant, as there are some items you can’t salvage.

Salvage can break down items into different components, including crafting materials and insignias. For example, a fine quality item can yield the Essence of Luck. The more you salvage, the more materials you will receive. However, you’ll have a harder time salvaging items of a higher rarity.

Salvage can be done through trade and by acquiring salvage items from looting enemies. However, there are some things you should consider before you do it. The best way to salvage is by using a Salvage Kit. It will cost you 600 Gems, but it will also give you a chance to salvage items of a higher rarity.

You can also salvage an item by right-clicking it and clicking the Salvage Kit button. If you don’t have a Salvage Kit, you can right-click and right-click again to resalvage it.

Salvage crafted weapons

GW2 players can salvage crafted weapons to receive common crafting materials and upgrades. However, certain items and weapons are not suitable for salvaging. This can affect the outcome of the salvage.

Salvage can also be used to obtain inscriptions, runes, and Globs of Ectoplasm from exotic items. Salvage kits are crafted by NPCs and can be purchased from merchants.

Salvage kits are available in five different forms: standard, expert, superior, charr, and mystic. Each type of kit can salvage different components of an item. The standard kit can salvage common crafting materials and runes. The expert and superior kits can salvage upgrades. The charr salvage kit can salvage exotic items.

Salvage is a powerful tool, but it also costs a lot of map currency. Salvaged exotics are a valuable resource, as they can give players the chance to acquire Globs of Dark Matter, which can be used to craft ascended gear.

Ascended weapons can be crafted by weaponsmiths. The first step to crafting a higher tier weapon is to obtain an ascended inscription. You can also buy ascended weapons from NPCs and recipe books.

Salvage crafted armor

Obtaining materials for crafting is a crucial part of the crafting process. While certain items are unsalvageable for crafting materials, many others are salvageable. Salvage can produce items for crafting and even upgrade components. However, salvaging for crafting materials only produces items that are appropriate for the level of the item.

In order to salvage items for crafting materials, you will need an Expert or Superior Salvage Kit. You can also purchase kits from a variety of merchants, such as Karma, Karma’s Gift Shop, and the Gem Store. The more expensive the kit, the more chance you have of getting upgraded components.

The most important thing to remember when salvaging is that you will always have a 50% chance of destroying the item. That said, the chances of salvaging items are increased by 3% for each rank.

In general, salvaging can be a good way to earn gold or map currencies. The price of exotics is also not very high. While you might be tempted to salvage exotics, you may want to consider trading them for perf kits instead.